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Re: Windows XP Pro & FC2 - XP won't boot

On Fri, 21 May 2004 09:42:45 -0500
"Gaffey, Mike" <MGaffey fastekintl com> wrote:

> Situation ...
> 2 HD ... Disk A had fully functional Windows XP install i.e. been using it
> for some time.
> Disk B was unpartitioned ... installed FC2 using all default options for the
> GRUB boot loader
> I can boot to FC2 w/ no problems ... works perfectly ... if I choose XP when
> prompted for which OS to load, I get 2 lines from GRUB and then it just sits
> there until I power down.

You're the first person i've heard mention the problem when installing
on a second disk but this is a known problem.    If your BIOS allows
you to set the windows partition to LBA mode that might solve the
problem.    If not you need something like:

sfdisk -d | sfdisk -H255 -f  /dev/hda

Checkout this bugzilla entry for the details:


> Also I get 2 choices for FC2 ... one has pms or psm on the end (can't
> remember which) ... they both load fine, but I'm interested in what that
> means as well.

yeah  SMP  ..  it stands for Symetric Multi-Processing  which is a fancy
way of saying it supports more than one CPU.   Also useful for processors
like later versions of the intel P4 which have Hyperthreading which is a
bit like a second virtual processor.


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