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Re: nvidia and FC2

Chris Jones wrote:

Ask NVIDIA, they're the only one entity who can help you.

Well I've poked about on their web site and forums as much as I can and not found anything. I could email them I suppose, but guessed they probably get lots on this issue so I wouldn't hold up much hope for a fast reply. I was hoping someone had some insider knowledge, or just more than me..

well, people could flood them with requests til they decide to be socially conscious and OPEN them! anybody think that peaking their requests would have any effect on their business practices?

i went with their chipset and graphics chip, but am regretting the choice. should have voted with my $$... unfortunately, i did what was on the shelf :-(

it used to be that you couldn't do anything, but some improvement, FAR FROM WHAT IT SHOULD BE. btw, the two RMSs duking it out on the issue a while back, were those really stallman in disguise? ;-)


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