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Boot Floppy > 1440

I've got Fedora Core 2 installed on a relatively old machine that has always
had SCSI boot issues. Previous OSes (Red Hat 7.2 and 6.1) were booted from a
floppy and worked fine.

Fedora didn't give me a chance to create a boot floppy at install time, so I
booted from the CD in rescue mode and was able to run mkbootdisk. However,
there's not enough room on the floppy! It looks like vmlinuz and initrd.img
have grown quite a bit. Both boot.msg and syslinux.cfg are 0 in size on the
resulting floppy.

I've tried mkbootdisk with --device /dev/fd0u1760 for example, but that
doesn't work. If I pre-fdformat a disk, mkbootdisk just reformats and drops
on the 1440 image.

Is there any way around this? How can I get a boot image that actually fits
on a floppy? It's going to get worse too because the smp kernel is even

Thanks for any suggestions,

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