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Problem with FC2-i386-disc4.iso

Hi, all.


I’m brand new to this list (as of about an hour ago), so I apologize if this has already been discussed.  If there’s an archive of this list somewhere, I’d be happy to research for myself if someone would tell me where to find the archive.


I am having a problem with Disc 4 of the i386 ISO images (FC2-i386-disc4.iso).  The other three discs are all working fine, but my copy of the 4th disc seems to be empty.  I have viewed the ISO with ISOBuster, and don’t see anything (I see stuff in the other three ISOs).  I have downloaded it several times, and it seems to be the same each time.  I have burned it several times, on the same burner as the other three, and get the same result each time.  The other discs are working fine, as I have run the install up to the point where it is asking me for disc 4.


The system I’m using to burn is a WindowsXP system, 3 GHz Pentium, with Nero as the burning software.


Has anyone else run into this and, if so, found a solution?  I’m currently downloading directly from the Redhat server, with no acceleration software, so it’ll be several hours before I’ll know if it works.  I thought I’d check with you all until then.


Any advice is much appreciated.  Thanks!





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