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RE: Installing Fedora Core 2 on Virtual PC

Unfortunately, FC2 will not install in Virtual PC due to polymorphic
code in the kernel. I've taken this up with Red Hat and Microsoft. I get
the same answer from both: it's the other developer's fault. Microsoft
won't accommodate Linux and Red Hat doesn't feel that the problem
warrants a rewrite of the code by them or Linus.

The only solutions are to use VmWare or other hardware...

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I have tried to install Fedora Core 2 on Virtual PC (in Windows XP) but
can't get it past the first reboot.  During the install, I had to use
text mode as the graphical mode install would not work.  After the first
reboot I get a series of segmentation faults.  For example, one of the
lines is

/etc/X11/prefdm: line 47: 323 Segmentation fault which gdm >/dev/null

I've booted from the DVD and went into rescue mode and changed the
xorg.conf file to use 24 or 32 bit mode without any success.  I also set
the init level to 3 and it boots into text mode OK.  However, when I
type a command like "more xorg.conf" I get a segmentation fault but if I
type the command again there is no fault.

Any suggestions or has anyone gotten Core 2 to install on Virtual PC?



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