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Re: Fedora Core 2 - review.

bdw briandwright com wrote:
As Fedora does not include multimedia tools that people are used to in
Windows, it could be a problem.  Licensing issues aside, new users
coming from the Windows world will be quickly frustrated due to this.

Let's also not forget the patenting issues on the MP3 format, and the
potential legal issues with having a Linux based DVD player.

I've always pointed this out to Linux newbies, that the patenting of
algorithms and the DVD control issue is actually going to make
interoperability more difficult and will dumb down innovation.


I know and agree.

Of course the next upgrade for mp3 is going to be a major headache for many as DRM is going to be put into place.

I wonder how many windows users have read the licensing behing Windows and Windows Media Player 9. I wonder how may would be shocked to know that they don't actually own what they paid ~$200 for.

Hopefully the governments will see that people want to watch their DVD's on Linux and modify the DMCA (and similiar laws) to allow this.

I still feel that this issue needs to be on the desktop of new installs for new users. This could be included in my suggestion of a MM icon install on the desktop. Like the license agreements that most people don't even look at. Let them know that they accept the legal responsibilities of installing the mp3 plugins, DeCSS etc.

Robin Laing

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