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Fedora Core 2 Problems

I did a fresh install of Core 2 last night. Here are the problems so far (none of which I had with Redhat 9; I skipped Core 1):

1. Core 2 does NOT allow you to specify a mouse-type during install. It turns out that Core2 is choosing the wrong mouse during install, which causes my mouse to behave extremely erratically. I wish they would just let me specify my mouse during install, like all previous versions did.

2. cdrecord doesn't work at all. Even the simple command
cdrecord -scanbus
fails. I've never had any problems with cdrecord before, going back to Redhat 7.1

3. When I scroll up and down a terminal window that is filled with text, the lower text gets wiped out. This kind of problem should not occur once a system is out of it's infancy. I can't believe they didn't find it during development.

With this many problems so early, I shudder to think what I will find once I delve deeper.

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