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"Kernel panic: Attempted to kill init!" at beginning of FC2 install

I got a kernel panic at the start of my first install
of FC2.  

My setup:

ISO Source: Bittorrent

Media: Attempted install from both DVD-R and CDR.  MD5
sums of the iso's were correct.  I burnt the iso's to
disks again in case the media, though premium and
appeared undamaged, and got the same results.  Other
DVD and CD burns work fine, so not likely the disks.

Hardware: Gigabyte GA-7VRXP (Via KT333 chipset)
Motherboard; Athlon XP-2200; 2 ata hard drives; 1
DVD-ROM, 1 cd-rw; ATI Radeon 9000

Configuration: FC1 and Win2000 on hda, RH9 on hdb;

(The text file attatchment has the screen output
cleanly formatted as it was on my screen)

This is the screen output when my installs of FC2

EIP is at acpi_ps_parse_aml+0xb2/0x1a4
eax: 00000000     ebx: cfd16c00     ecx: c02b38c9    
edx: 00000d9a
esi: cfd16c00     edi: cfd15f44     ebp:00000007    
esp: cffd5f60
ds:  007b     es: 007b     ss:0068

Process swapper     (pid: 1, threadinfo=cffd5000

Stack:	00000000 00000000 cfd16c00 cffe0284 00000001
c01aa473 cffe0144 cffe0144
		c037e634 00000000 c01aa492 cffe0144 c01a84bdcffe0144
00000000 00000000
		c01a852e 00000000 00000000 00000000 c01a85e2
c01ae62d 00000001 000fc0d0

Call Trace:
[<c01aa473>] acpi_ns_one_complete_parse+0x6b/0x7b
[<c01aa492>] acpi_ns_parse_table+0xf/0x29
[<c01a84bd>] acpi_ns_load_table+0xcd/0x8f
[<c01a852e>] acpi_ns_load_table_by_type+0x4f/0xea
[<c01a85e2>] acpi_ns_load_namespace+0x19/0x34
[<c01ae62d>] acpi_load_tables+0xd9/0x139
[<c032ccc5>} acpi_bus_init+0x26/0x11b
[<c032ce1c>] acpi_init+0x62/0xb4
[<c0320659>] do_initcalls+0x49/0x97
[<c010029e>] init+0x0/0xe2
[<c01002bb>] init+0xld/0xe2
[<c01041d5>] kernel_thread_helper_0x5/0xb

Code:	83 78 10 00 75 0e 80 48 09 08 8b 83 ac 01 00 00
c6 40 1c 01
<0>Kernel panic: Attempted to kill init!

Any suggestions?  

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