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FC2 install questions

Hi all.  I have a couple of questions related to Fedora Core 2 installs.

First, I have a box with no CD-ROM drive that's running FC1.  I'd like to upgrade it to FC2.  I read somewhere that there's a way to run the install if I copy the ISOs to the machine's hard drive, but I couldn't find any documentation on how that would work exactly.  (The machine does have a diskette drive, so I could boot from diskette if need be.)

Second, I have a machine at home that I want to dual-boot XP and FC2.  I installed FC2 on it last night, but I didn't install grub, because the installer reported a problem with my boot sector, and I didn't want to risk screwing it up.  I thought I would be prompted to create a boot disk at the end of the install, as has been common with previous versions of RedHat/Fedora, but I wasn't.  Either that, or I zoned and just clicked past it.  Either way, can I boot from CD 1 or the rescue CD and create a boot disk after the fact?

In general, I haven't found a good guide for Fedora installation.  I just ordered Fedora Unleashed from Amazon, and I'm hoping that has some useful information, but if anyone knows of a good install/upgrade guide for Fedora out there on the net someplace, please let me know where it is!

Thanks for any help!

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