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Re: FC1 -> FC2 via yum

At 07:49 AM 5/21/2004, you wrote:
Am Fr, den 21.05.2004 schrieb Gary Stainburn um 16:27:

> I seem to remember reading on this list about being able to upgrade a headless
> box from FC1 to FC2 using yum. However, I can't seem to find the post in
> question.
> Could people give me their opinion on using this setup, as well as any
> instructions on how to do it.

> Gary Stainburn

The one who successfully did a yum dist upgrade just made a yum.conf
which points to the FC2 repositories and the did run "yum -c
fc2-yum.conf upgrade". Maybe it is a good suggestion to stop services,
you do not need while processing, before you upgrade, to avoid some



I tried the method Alexander alludes to, but encountered errors which I reported about in an email, summarized as follows:

(background: Only floppy boot works)

When the update was complete, and I rebooted:

1) Grub was still not defaulting to FC2, but this was easy to fix.
2) All kinds of libraries were reported as failing or missing, but these were all related to the graphical interface. Since I operate it as a server in command line mode only, a
yum remove
set of commands seem to have resolved that issue.

3) Every time I boot and every time I log in as root, I see the messages

KDSKBENT: Invalid Argument failed to bind key 255 to value 659

Furthermore, when I perform
 yum update
I get the message:

conflict between libc-client and imap

So, I decided to abandon the attempt to try out FC2 for now until either:
- this mailing list gives me some insight I don't currently have
- I get so frustrated that I go out and buy a more powerful computer that can boot cdrom.


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