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Re: To be or not be?

On Fri, 2004-05-21 at 06:16, Peter Cannon wrote:
> Hi All
> I have a DELL Latitude CPx J PIII 700, 256MB, 40GB HDD, 3Com PCMCIA 10/100.
> Dual boot Windows 98se and FC1 upgraded from RH9.
> I'm worried about upgrading again, I would really like to do a fresh install 
> but not sure if I should stay at FC1 or upgrade?
> 1. If I delete the root directory will this give me a fresh install given that 
> I have a grub boot loader? Will I need to fdisk mbr?
> 2. Is my Laptop supported under FC2? I have seen nothing but problems since 
> FC2 was released, seeing as its taken 4 Months to get to where I am 87% happy 
> with my FC1 Linux installation I couldn't face another 3 to 4 months of tears 
> and gnashing of teeth downloading patches and fixes.
> FC1 or FC2

I just loaded FC2 on my Dell Latitude CPx laptop.  (I think you have a
faster model than mine and a larger harddrive).

So far the problems have been few.  I found that the pcmcia services
were being started after the network services, since I only have network
via a pcmcia slot that does not work during boot up.  I swapped the
order of the start up files and that seems to have cured that one.

The other problem I have is getting my D-Link DWL-G650 card to work. 
Apparently FC2 does not come with the drivers for the prisim chip set
this card uses.  I know the card will work as I have live CD version of
Linux that works with the DWL-G650 card.  (have to spend some time
looking at that setup to see which drivers are used).

I did a clean install to a new 20GB drive.  Sound works great. 
Surprised me as I have not bothered to get sound running on any of my
other boxes.  

Scot L. Harris <webid cfl rr com>

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