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Re: REOPENED: Mozilla from mozilla.org crashes X

Hannes Mayer wrote:
Hi all!

On FC2test3 I installed Mozilla 1.7RC1 (binaries from mozilla.org)
and it crashed on a certain google SERP.
I then built the 1.7RC1 myself and it worked -> no X crashes anymore.

I thought this problem was fixed in Mozilla, but now on FC2release
and Moz1.7RC2 (binaries from mozilla.org) the problem is still there.

I googled again and found that this might be caused by *missing fonts*
Some folks have created symlinks to other fonts, but there are no
*.tff files to make symlinks in FC2release.

So building it myself back then (with xft) has fixed the problem with the fonts.

I was able to nail down the problem a bit:

If I use an XFT enabled Moz, characters like shown in the image here
are displayed correctly, but those are the reason for crashing X with
official builds of Moz (without XFT).
On Windoze such characters are just "?" or tiny, empty rectangles.

Now I'm really clueless. What can be done to solve this ?
As far as I know such signs are unrecognized unicode characters, right ?

Thanks a lot,

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