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Re: cyrus imapd sendmail.mc

Am Fr, den 21.05.2004 schrieb Paul Bradshaw um 22:23:

> I upgraded from fedora core 1 to core2 and had my old uw-imap blown away 
> and replaced with cyrus-imapd.  I have had troubles getting this to work - 
> the upgrade didn't install cyrus-imapd-utils or perl-Cyrus but once I 
> realized they were needed I installed them.   It also wasn't loading 
> saslauthd, but now I have that running.  I have created the user directory 
> and can login via an imap client.  But the inbox is always empty.  Looks 
> like mail is still going to /var/spool/mail/ rather than into the imap 
> inbox.  Can anyone give me directions on how to fix this?  Is the problem 
> in my sendmail.mc?  Can someone post a sendmail.mc that works with 
> cyrus-imapd?

> ...Paul

Yes, you have to modify sendmail.mc, else never goes to the Cyrus-IMAPd.


where I did an RFE which did not find it to FC2 stable. I made RFEs for
Postfix and Exim too in bugzilla.


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