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Re: MD5 hashes for FC2

Ray Cauchi wrote:

Hi all

Just dopwnloaded FC2, and I am getting weird MD5 sums for my ISO files....

I am downloading and summing on Windows, but that shouldnt be an issue I guess...it seems the sums are out of order - eg: instead of matching the Disc 1 MD5 with the quoted MD5 sum for disk 1, it matches the quoted MD5 for disk 2

Is anyone aware of any changes/mixups in the md5sum file

if have only iso 1,2
here are the md5sums ok


c366d585853768283dac6cdcefcd3a2d  FC2-i386-disc1.iso
fc3c926442cc85a469268651bd04c186  FC2-i386-disc2.iso
5ad870e696953f4bbd0a91936873890e  FC2-i386-disc3.iso
c736f8048b12315b5c0b070de1d74867  FC2-i386-disc4.iso
2d8a20014af287bf8c6b29f2da031f98  FC2-i386-DVD.iso
22f4bfca5baefe89f0e04166e738639f  FC2-i386-rescuecd.iso
0c0268f26ed08d24880119e1b44d45e8  FC2-i386-SRPMS-disc1.iso
3d17a40489e8dcd3761f166ff264c712  FC2-i386-SRPMS-disc2.iso
4e798934b399eb78e9e67dec23d946bb  FC2-i386-SRPMS-disc3.iso
5d84eb0aecea8bce8e4857d3e46136c3  FC2-i386-SRPMS-disc4.iso

-- shrek-m

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