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Re: Any way to debug browser issues?

No proxy server....
As for timeouts - it takes a long time to get to google, fedora, freshrpms, etc... Interestingly,
I can get to gnu.org sometimes but not all the time as well as pdx.edu.... I do a traceroute to google
and it ends with * * * * although it does reach the destination...


Roland Venter wrote:

debugging mozilla - a trace or some mode to tell me what it is doing
other than th sign in the bottom that goes:

Resolving host www.google.com....
Connecting to www.google.com...

The connecting part is where it hangs; interestingly if I have an IP it
does not hang...  I just dont know where to start with the logs...

Not a lot of details to go on, but a stab in the dark, you're not experiencing DNS timeouts by anychance? If you're using a proxy is it correctly performing DNS resolution....

fn:Lane Inman
org:Portland State University;Systems Science - ETM
email;internet:lanei etm pdx edu
title:Ph. D. Candidate

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