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Re: Any way to debug browser issues?

Well; after restarting it worked and then it did not...
This would be a fine theory with one exception, I have NO problem using this
computer to browse the web on the same network as the other.... In other words;
I am typing at one computer sitting next to another computer with the difference
being FC1 vs. FC2... I should have vmwared to make sure that it worked... Also,
my room mate has no problems browsing as well so there is something particular about
the fresh FC2 release...

Jack Bowling wrote:

On Fri, May 21, 2004 at 04:38:18PM -0700, Lane Inman wrote:

No proxy server....
As for timeouts - it takes a long time to get to google, fedora, freshrpms, etc... Interestingly,
I can get to gnu.org sometimes but not all the time as well as pdx.edu.... I do a traceroute to google
and it ends with * * * * although it does reach the destination...

Perhaps one of the intervening routers has succumbed to the latest MS
worm-of-the-week and is experiencing a DDoS.

-Lane Inman
PhD Candidate
Systems Science - ETM
Portland State University

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