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Re: Samba vs NFS

Ow Mun Heng wrote:

Hi Guys,

	I have a problem. I want to access a shared directory over a WAN link.

There are 2 methods available to me, NFS and Samba.

Problem is the Client is a Linux Box, and somehow the idea of using
samba as a means to an end instead of NFS is a little bit weird (?).

But anyway, I tried both and it seems that I have more success using
samba to mount the share rather than using NFS.

NFS always reports a time-out connecting the server. Yes, there is a
200ms lag in ping times to the server box (WAN link)

However, Samba seems to be able to handle it more gracefully than NFS.

Ideas?? Comments??

You didn't indicate how the files are used, or what you mean by access... If realtime shared access to the same files are not necessary then why don't you use sftp? There is an option for compression that would help, as well as only needing to open up ssh to make it work. Alternatively rsync with the -e ssh option may meet your needs.

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