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Re: FC2: nv driver with dualhead, xinerama setup

Am Mi, den 19.05.2004 schrieb Gerard Milmeister um 19:49:
> I now have a nice 1600x1200 resolution on my CRT monitor, but can't get
> xinerama to work. My second screen is an LCD Acer. I tried to configure
> using system-config-display, and the generated xorg.conf seems to be
> correct, but the Xserver refuses to start complaining about a duplicate
> use of an Entity. Is it possible that the nv driver only supports a two
> video card setup, but not a single card dual-head?

Yes, it is "possible" - you definitely need two cards for a dual head
configuration with nv.

> Another problem is that the driver seems to have trouble deciding what
> monitor to use. Sometimes it will use the LCD, which doesn't work well
> because the resolution is set to high, then again the correct one, the
> CRT is used. 

Have a look at man nv. There are some options to specify which head to


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