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Re: HELP Cyrus Imap

Am Sa, den 22.05.2004 schrieb John Fleming um 06:17:

> I was using FC1 ipop3d and UW courier-imap.  After upgrading to FC2, I
> cannot retrieve my email using a remote machine.  Cyrus-imap is running, but
> I can't login.  The user and password exist, and I have email waiting (even
> scanned by SA).  But it's apparently not looking in the right places for
> user, password, and/or mailbox.  I use Postfix/mbox format.  I've looked at
> the Cyrus conf file, but I don't understand what I might need to do to make
> it work.
> Anyone willing to help me through this with crayons and paper?  Thanks -
> John

Why don't you just use dovecot? Cyrus-IMAPd is complex and not that easy
to administer. It is far from trivial.

Anyway, as long as you don't configure your Postfix properly to deliver
to Cyrus-IMAPd you will never see it handling the incoming mail. Saying
that you use "Postfix/mbox" shows that you don't know anything about
Cyrus-IMAPd and how it interacts with the MTA. So please start with
reading the documentation. The homepage is


As long as you don't know about the cyrus administrative account and how
Cyrus-IMAPd uses authentification and very important how it communicates
with the MTA you will have no success. For the last point I wrote a
bugzilla RFA which contains the important setup steps on the Postfix


And google has a lot of documents if you search for "Cyrus-imap
Postfix", i.e.


Again, better use dovecot if you really have to run your own MTA/IMAP
mail server.


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