Any way to debug browser issues?

Jeff Vian jvian10 at
Sat May 22 11:57:49 UTC 2004

Lane Inman wrote:

> Well; after restarting it worked and then it did not...
>  This would be a fine theory with one exception, I have NO problem 
> using this
> computer to browse the web on the same network as the other.... In 
> other words;
> I am typing at one computer sitting next to another computer with the 
> difference
> being FC1 vs. FC2...  I should have vmwared to make sure that it 
> worked...  Also,
> my room mate has no problems browsing as well so there is something 
> particular about
> the fresh FC2 release...
> -Lane
> Jack Bowling wrote:

So what is new?
Kernel      2.6+ vs 2.4?
Xserver    xorg vs XFree86
and lots more.
Bleeding edge vs Leading edge, and FC2 has only been out 4 days.
May be a little smarter to wait a week or more for all the bugs to get 
stirred up.

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