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Re: FC2 installation woes....

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It would appear that on May 19, Gene Heskett did say:

> On Wednesday 19 May 2004 22:35, Kevin J. Cummings wrote:
> >Installation proceeds, pretty painlessly now.... (even upgraded from
> >lilo to grub).  Oh well, it didn't move the hdc=ide-scsi option from
> >lilo to the grub.conf.  That's easy enough to fix (if I want to burn
> >more CDs that is!)
> Thats miss-information that really shouldn't be spread.  I've just 
> burnt 6 cd's in the last day using /dev/hdc against a 2.6.6-mm3 
> kernel installed on an FC1 box.
> ide-scsi may, or may not be broken for a 2.6 kernel, depending on the 
> chipset, your favorite brand of chew or some such phase of the moon.  
> Its also deprecated, use your regular ide address for the atapi 
> burner please.
> You may have to update your cdrtools so it will support the atapi 
> drives directly though, and please take a look at k3b-11.1 or later, 
> its todays killer burner app.

But what if you don't like "todays killer burner app"...

I've only tried kb3 once, admittedly it was a while ago so it may have
improved. But when I tried it I was unsuccessful at getting it to burn
a data cd. (Which might have something to do with my burner needing to
use a raw mode for data) every attempt I made yielded a total computer
lock-up. Eventually when I figured out how to tell xcdroast to use raw96r
for data and dao for music I was happy! Please tell me that I won't have
to switch to k3b from xcdroast to use the regular ide address...
And I certainly hope dvd::rip will work that way...  As far as updating
them, as soon as yum can do so from fedora base, freshrpms or dag, they
will be updated for fc2 (err that is following a successful upgrade to
fc2 with the disks I'm burning as I type)

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