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Re: Installation worked from hard-disk, now X-Windows trouble [was: Re: Installation Problem]

On Saturday 22 May 2004 06:14, look what Tarek M. Nabil wrote:
> Avery,
> Thanks for your help. The hard disk method worked. I found out that all the
> partitions on my hard-drive were NTFS (obviously our network administrator
> thinks this is more secure), so I had to go through some re-partitioning to
> get this working. Anyway, the installation worked, but I can't understand
> why it didn't work from the CDs! The machine I'm doing the installation on
> is a Dell GX270.
> Now, after the installation is done, the X-windowing system is not working.
> Any idea how to debug this issue? I managed to copy the configuration and
> log files to the new shared FAT32 partition, so I can attach them, but I'm
> not sure if this would be acceptable. I'm also not sure whether just
> copying and pasting the text from the files in this email is acceptable.
> Can someone advise me on this?

What is the problem? You can get X to start, but it is just a blank screen?

bug has been filed, no workaround yet...

you can also go here and leave your experience and any workarounds you find...

Now, if it is that you just can't get X to start at all, like you can see 
errors etc... supply the error messages or other important info here and 
someone will help you.

have fun!

michael jones
erleichda archiving

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