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Re: FC2 Emacs very slow to load

Clint Harshaw wrote:
This is a fresh install of FC2. There is a file that seems to be slowing down emacs when it is opened. When I type emacs foo at the prompt, the following file seems to bring emacs to a crawl:

Loading /usr/share/emacs/site-list/site-start.d/iiimecf-init.el

This delay is around 5 seconds before the buffer is displayed in emacs. I have tried putting my old .emacs file in my /home/username directory, but that has no effect, because this file seems to be loading before my .emacs file is loaded.

I have tried inserting the line below, and that doesn't change things:
(setq inhibit-default-init t)

Does anyone else have these symptoms with emacs in FC2? This wasn't happening in FC1, and a Google search for the above file wasn't helpful, except to see that it is part of fedora.


I renamed the iiimecf-init.el file to iimecf-init.el.old and now emacs seems to open files much more quickly (like it used to do).

Anybody have any ideas about what that file is supposed to be doing?

Clint Harshaw  <clint penguinsolutions org>

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