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Re: bug in system-config-display ?


> No, I have not removed anything. I had FC1 running, and then I made 
> upgrade to FC2. Here I mean that I have chosen "upgrade" instead of 
> "install" in anaconda.
> Could you resolve this problem?


rpm -e XFree86 XFree86-sdk --nodeps
ls /etc/X11

if xkb is a directory, remove it (rm -rf /etc/X11/xkb)

that should be enough to get rid of most of the problems. Insert the CD
(or DVD) with the xorg-x11 rpms in, change to the directory containing

rpm -Uhv xorg-x11*.rpm --force

Okay, that's overkill, but you'll find it'll zap anything that doesn't
need to be there.

You should find running system-config-display will work then.

Remember to watch the install and check that there are no errors
generated when you install xorg.x11- (or whatever it's called).
Warnings aren't that important, the errors are!


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