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Re: Fedora Core 2 - review.

Sorry, I failed to forward this to the entire group last night...it was late.

On Fri, 21 May 2004 21:27:23 -0500
Mark S Jones wrote:

I am a windows user for many years and have recently explored Linux. I installed Fedora core 1 as a dual boot and am very impressed with it. I have almost gotten it to work the way I do with Windows and have considered using it as my main OS. Then, along came Fedora core 2 and all of the problems people have encountered dual booting with Windows and with the various software and license issues, etc. I have been reading this List for sometime and must say that I am very disappointed with the responses given to Windows users that are encountering problems with core 2 or are comparing it to their experience with Windows.

What is the dual boot problem you are having? A fix has been found.
Future versions won't even require the fix. What software licence issues
are you having? What is the problem you want to address? If you
want something fixed you have a responsibility to make a helpful bug report and help test fixes.

I have successfuly dual booted with xp and fedora core 1. I have no dual boot issue currently as I have read the bug reports and forums and know of the dual boot issue that makes it difficult to boot into windows once installing Fedora core 2, so I have decided not to upgrade at the present time. Many people have reported that they even tried wiping out their hard drive and reformating with no success. This bug has persisted through test 1, test 2, test 3 and final release. I am not so sure a fix has been found, although some users have reported success.

There is some software that is not included in Fedora core 2. There's nothing wrong about this but some users are asking why. I do not have any software license issues. I am responding to the remark,
"I agree it should be easier, but I'm also a bit annoyed with people who think everything should work like Windows right out of the box. . Why not just use Mandrake? =)".

The problem I want to address is exactly what your reply is about. Please read my post. There is no reason for sarcasm just because a windows user is asking for help. I don't think that Windows users really expect Linux to act like Windows. They just want to learn how to use it.

Why should a response like this even be necessary? Linux is different than Windows period, Unfortunately for the Linux community, 90% of the world runs Windows. So if you want to really promote Fedora to a major segment of computer users, you will have to help Windows users with their problems they encounter with a new operating system, instead of offering sarcasm. Or, maybe we will use Mandrake. =)

The mission statement for Fedora does not include anything about
being for the major segment of computer users. Please read
http://fedora.redhat.com. You have to understand what Fedora
is all about or you'll continue to wonder why things don't work
as you seem to expect. Fedora is about new technology and being
on the leading edge. There are a set of costs and benefits that come along with that position. If it's not where you want to be,
the freedom provided by Linux gives you lots of options.


I did not say that the mission statement of Fedora says anything about being for the major segment of computer users. If Fedora is happy with less than 10 % of computer users in the world, so be it. What I said was, if Fedora wants to promote itself to the other 90% of the world, it will have to deal with Windows users. There are a lot of Windows users who are looking for another operating system and are having some difficulties understanding a new operating system. What's the sense of being on the "leading edge" if you are going to discourage people from using it. I feel that Fedora would like to see more Windows users converting to Linux (just my opinion). Maybe for some members of this list that means some of the questions asked on this list will sound lame. But the reason they are being asked is because someone wants to learn.

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