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Re: VDQ : which Galeon for FC1?

On Sat, 22 May 2004, Beartooth wrote:

I've just started running Fedora Core 1 on a pentium2, with mozilla-1.4.2-0.9.0 (which I detest, and never invoke if I can help it; I only have it at all in hopes to be able to use Galeon). Sourceforge tells me, for each Galeon release, which mozilla I need; but do I really have to drudge through them all, or is there a way to reverse the question?

I have very evil memories of trying to coordinate versions of G&M under
earlier releases of RedHat, and will forgo Galeon if need be rather than
go there ever any more -- I had to, finally, as it was, till I ended up
with a scratch install of a RedHat release that came with both.

Also I don't fancy myself at tarballs. Is there a way to use rpm, which I
have now? Or yum, which I plan to get soonest?

I have liked the versions of Galeon that ran, including what I last had on
RH9 (and still have on a backup machine); but upgrading from RH9 to FC1 on
this machine didn't preserve Galeon. (It didn't preserve Pine, either, and
the first thing I did was go get Pine for FC1.) I'll get it if I can
handle it -- but I'm nobody's technoid, nor was meant to be.

Fedora is shipping epiphany instead of galeon (it is a branch of galeon). Also - the newer galeon versions are a bit different from the ones you got used to with RHL9 (I believe its a major rewrite for gnome-2). If you wish to use galeon - you have 2 options:

- Install one from fedora.us testing (yum speak)

- Install from dag (with this you'll use mozilla-1.6 as well)

I've update mozilla/epiphany & installed galeon/pine (and a bunch of
other things) from dag repository.


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