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Re: Update broken, PCMCIA broken, up2date broken...

Chris Colohan said:

> 1.  Upgrading fails.  At first, I figured I would try to upgrade from
> FC1 to FC2.  The upgrade projected an install time of over 2 hours!  (By
> comparison, a fresh install took 25 minutes.)

It is not unusual for upgrades to take significally longer.

> I then decided to wipe my FC1 partition clean, and do a fresh install.
> It worked fine, until I rebooted....
> 2.  PCMCIA does not work.  This is a known bug, and has been known for
> quite some time!
> (https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=116205)  I am
> curious -- does this bug affect all PCMCIA systems, or just the one that
> I happen to have in my machine?  Needless to say, the system is pretty
> useless without PCMCIA, since this means I have no network connection...

It works for me, though I have heard people with the same laptop (Latitude
CPx) say it didn't work for them.

> 4.  up2date doesn't work.  Frankly, I have never gotten up2date to work
> once, on any version of Redhat.  This version is prettier than most,
> until it hangs during package downloading.

If you can't find an existing bug report, make sure you include an strace
of the process when you file one.

>  I am not doing anything
> unusual -- just starting it up, and saying "yeah, upgrade everything
> that is out of date".  Most of my redhat running friends have never
> gotten it to work either.  Are we all on crack, or are we all missing
> something obvious?

Worksforme, though I generally skip the slow mirror issues by having a
local mirror.

William Hooper

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