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Re: No sound: "Sorry, no mixer elements and/or devices found"


> I have a sound problem too and followed what you provided below. Still
> no sound.  But I do have sound when I bring up RealPlayer and other KDE
> sound effects.  But when I put in a CD to play music, there is no
> sound. 

That's a bit simpler. Launch kmixer and ensure that all of the channels
are not muted and that they have a good volume level.

> So, while there is sound on my system there really
> isn't for all those things you want to listen to??

I know when it was test1 I had all hells problems with the sound (my
machine is greedy and has 3 sound cards on board - Audigy, ES1371 and
Intel8x0). The problem was that some devices on the audio were actually
muted and the only way to unmute them was to click on the mute twice (it

You have to ensure that you're using ALSA and not esound.



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