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Upgrade vs Install


During the period of waiting for FC2 to be released, and in the few days since there has been a lot of discussion about problems with the switch from FC1 to FC2.

All this in spite of the much discussed *strong* recommendation that users perform a new install instead of an upgrade.

In the release notes I see many major chnages, any of which can break things if not all tiny pieces get changed.

1. Kernel changed from 2.4 to 2.6  with lots of dependent changes
2. XFree96 replaced by Xorg and lots of configuration changes as a result
3. Gnome upgraded to 2.6
And many more that are to numerous to list here.

It seems the majority of the problems users are seeing could be resolved by the simple expediency of READ THE RELEASE NOTES before doing the upgrade, then do an INSTALL *not* an UPGRADE.


A rule of thumb that I learned may years ago when preparing for any task is *the rule of the 7 Ps* (Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance), and it has stood me in good stead for a long time

Please take time to look at the new product and do a little planning before installing FC2.
The traffic on this list has increased by more than a factor of 4 in the past few days because of the many people who refuse to RTFM and then expect others to tell them what they did wrong after they encounter problems

I find it amusing that most of those who did the new install are absent from the discussion (at least with problems), but those who chose to do an upgrade are flooding this list.


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