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FC2 a few thoughts from a n00b

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Ok, day 4 of linux (well not really I ran knoppix on my laptop for a while)

A few thoughts on FC2

Installed flawlessly,
thunderbird, firebird up and running in minutes
mail profile, gpg documents migrated without problem.

yum update did not crash and the repositories seems to respond pretty
quickly. CDR, and all my cards worked without a hitch.

actually everything was just plain detected during install.

I am running a gigabyte g7 with the kt400 chipset, a matrox parahelia,
some whitebox soundblaster, AMD duron, and some vanilla OB nic.

the ONLY issue was the usb conduit to my palm, but I expected that.
and it has NOTHING do to with fedora and a lot to do with the palmtop.

all in all I must commend any of the designers for this distro who may or may not be on this list.

and they said linux was hard....

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