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Re: XFree86 gone from Fedora Core? WHY!?

William M. Quarles said:

> Craig,
> I don't want an endless discussion, far from it.  People have put forth
> that the central issue here for why XFree86 is no longer part of Fedora
> Core is the license change and some conduct of the now-disbanded core
> team.  If someone could just answer why the license is GPL incompatible
> while the modified BSD license is not, that would be enough for me.

Your Google seems to be broke.  Here, borrow mine:

"XFree86 4.4: List of Rejecting Distributors Grows"

A thread started by RMS in the XFree86 mailing list

Debian's take

XFree86's FAQ, which states it isn't GPL compatible
"The 1.1 license is not GPL-compatible..."

Can we please move on now?

William Hooper

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