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Re: K3b cannot burn a CD

On Sat, 22 May 2004 17:36:48 -0500, ByteEnable wrote:

> On Fedora Core 2?
> Byte
> On Saturday 22 May 2004 13:18, Austin Isler wrote:
> > I just used K3b the other day, I was burning Solaris 9 isos. Worked for
> > me with no problem. I had the burner set to write at 48x (burner is a
> > 52x). It had to slow down of course to around 30x, but other than that
> > my burns were successful. IMO I would not even use my burner if it only
> > wrote at 2x. Also don't forget that k3b is merely a frontend for
> > cdrecord and cdrdao. You might try looking into those apps.

I agree with the suggestion made by Austin Isler. Check whether cdrecord
at the command-line manages to use your CD burners. If it doesn't, you
know it's the culprit. Be sure to compare with the alternative CD burning
programs, too.

Prior to being included in Fedora Core 2, k3b has been in fedora.us
"testing" (also for Fedora Core 1.9x) for several months and used
successfully by users with the test releases and by many users on older
distributions. However, the "testing" repository has been chosen
particularly because k3b depends on cdrecord and its support for CD
burners, and according to reports cdrecord is known to give some users a
headache (though often it's misconfiguration, too). So, there's some level
of uncertainty which needs testing.

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