MP3 in KDE on FC2

Dusan Djordjevic dj.dule at beotel.yu
Sun May 23 07:28:02 UTC 2004

Hi all,

How should I make MP3 work in KDE (I use Juk) on Fedora Core 2 ? This is what 
i tried:

-Downloaded and installed libtag and libtag-devel RPMs
-Downloaded lame source and rebuilt and installed it (prefix /usr)
-Downloaded libmusicbrains source, rebuilt and installed it (prefix /usr)

And after all this i rebuilt kdemultimedia from SRPM. During configure it 
found lame, so MP3 should work. When I installed packages, they complained:

error: Failed dependencies: is needed by kdemultimedia-3.2.2-2 is needed by kdemultimedia-3.2.2-2

but i suppose it is beacuse I built those packages from source.

But MP3 still do not work. Any suggestions ? 

Thank you in advance...
Eng. Dusan Djordjevic (RHCE)

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