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Re: Installing FC2 from Windows partition

Betti Ann & Preston Smith wrote:

... I was wondering if there was a way I could boot into RH 9 and use the images on the Windows drive (all Windows partitions are visible in RH 9.0) to do the install

The answer is No, but you are close.

I originally installed FC1 this way using ISO images on the HD. I had two Linux installations and was booting into Mandrake which had modifications in LILO (GRUB works too) to start the Fedora installation. I did not try booting into the same installation that I was going to overwrite. So I am not sure if that will work. If I can't get a bootable USB key working soon, I will probably be attempting this same installation method, since I merged by two linux partitions to get more disk space and can't install the old way.

I was unsuccessful installing Linux from a FAT32 partition. I was warned, but it appeared to be working fine for awhile until I started to get permission and access errors. From experience I now know that the installation will work if the iso files are loaded in the TOP LEVEL ONLY (/) of an EXT3 Partition. Other Linux partitions may work. This also can't be the same partition that you are starting the installation from. I currently use an external USB HD with an EXT3 partition for holding my ISO files. That seems to work OK, and doesn't clutter my internal HD.

You may want to check this out: http://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-list/2004-January/msg00198.html

Good Luck,

David Hunt

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