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RE: Problems Downloading into Browser, how login to FTP?

Am Sa, den 22.05.2004 schrieb Al Franz um 20:32:
> Christoph,
> >> But I recommend ws_ftp
> That is what I have but when I goto any of the mirror sites and try to
> connect to the ftp address shown on the RedHat Fedora web site I see....
> "Address lookup of FTP SITE failed. It may be misspelled, or your computer
> may not be connected to the network or Internet. Also check that your DNS
> and local name servers are properly configured and responding."

So you can not oben a mirror in a Webbrowser like Mozilla/Netscape/IE?? 
Are you using a proxy? Can you reach a http server, 
insead of
ftp://mirror.eas.muohio.edu/pub/fedora/linux/core/ ?

> I use the FTP program all the time for other FTP sites and it seems to work
> fine.  Shouldn't I beable to directly connect to any of these FTP servers?
> Appreciate your help.

with ws_ftp you can set proxies as well as passive ftp. Worked for me
all the time, but of course I don't know your network.
> --Al


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