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Re: dag.wieers modules - Conexant HSF modem

Dear members,

Thanks for the very quick and helpful replies.  I had been to 
linmodems.org, but had missed the link to the mailing list and it's 

These links were particularly helpful:

I'll search the archives, hang out on the list and perhaps post a query 
there when I'm better informed.

However, one reply I find quite puzzling:
> From: Alexander Dalloz <alexander dalloz uni-bielefeld de>
> You can hardly expect much readers and replies as you hijacked a
> thread from 25th January. Do not reply to list messages you don't want 
> reply to! Use an empty mail editor window.

> Alexander

I think the other members understood my query quite well and gave me 
exactly what I had asked for - being pointed in the right direction.  
Alexander you are obviously upset with my post.  If you have a valid 
criticism, OK.  But then take the time and be curteous enough to 
explain yourself.  I worked hard on my problem prior to making my 
quiery and I tried to be succinct and clear in my post.  If I violated 
an important part of the list etiquette, I'm sorry.  But it is not at 
all clear from your post that I did so.  My first message was not a 
reply to anyone, please look at my post.  And I did not "hijack a 
thread".  The title of the thread you refer to was:

> About Conexant HSF modem 56k

the title of my original post was 

> dag.wieers modules - Conexant HSF modem

This is supposed to be a community effort.  To have a true community 
people have to have tolerance for others who have varied knowledge and 
experience.  If you know more, great.  But be patient and teach if you 
care to and try to see when a person is reaching out because they hit a 
dead end, not that they are lazy.  Gustav

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