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Setting up FC to use network kickstart installation

Hello everyone,

I just upgraded to Fedora core 2. I had to create a boot cdrom (via the
boot.iso image) file to do a network install which went OK. I want to be
able to use kickstart with this method.

I believe the file (from the boot.iso image ) I must modify is the following:


Somebody tell me if I'm wrong (previous Red Hat versions used the
syslinux.cfg file on the floppy based bootdisk installs)

If this is the appropriate file then I must change the following line:

default linux


default linux ks=????? (my documentation is only for a floppy):

default linux ks=floppy

However, this will be a CDROM based install, so I'm assuming that it will
be the following:

default linux ks=cdrom

I would create a ks.cfg file and place it on the cdrom as well. I would
appreciate a thumbs up or down to this approach.



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