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Am So, den 23.05.2004 schrieb James LaSalle um 15:49:

> It's probably been asked before but I can't find it. Sooo...

Yes :(

> I can't boot the FC2 cdrom to install. I need a boot floppy. I 
> understand the kernel won't fit on ONE floppy. What are the 
> alternatives? I've done it before but I'd rather not do a network 
> installation.

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If you have some disk partition which you don't install to, you can do
hard disk installation. Simply, put the ISO images into some directory
on that partition,

cp -a /mnt/cdrom/isolinux/vmlinuz /boot/FC2-install
cp -a /mnt/cdrom/isolinux/initrd.img /boot/FC2-install.img
umount /mnt/cdrom

and add entry like:

title Fedora Core 2 Installation
         root (hd0,0)
         kernel /boot/FC2-install
         initrd /boot/FC2-install.img

to your /etc/grub.conf, then reboot into "Fedora Core 2 Installation".
During the install choose Hard Disk installation and point the installer
at the partition with ISOs.

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