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Re: cryptplug from fedora.us for FC2?

Am So, den 23.05.2004 schrieb Roland Wolters um 18:40:

> In Fedora Core 1 was some kind of cryptplug pakage to install Ãgypten/sphinx 
> for S/mime support in Kmail - what's about that for Fedora Core 2?
> Someone on fedora-test-list mentioned, that it will be released soon - is 
> there any possibility to get announcments?

Yes, Michael Schwendt did told you to be a bit patient.


> And, btw.: Whtas about fedora.us Repos? Are they official for Fedora Core 2?

fedora.us is Fedora Extras - yes, official.

> Or are they 3rd party like dag? And what's about livna?

Packages not being included to Fedora Core nor Fedora Extras due to
license issues are made available through rpm.livna.org. If you would
just spend half a minute to visit http://rpm.livna.org/, you could read
that at top of the page yourself.

> Roland


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