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FC1 for ppc??

I found a hint somewhere (and bookmarked it) to the effect that there's a
version of Fedora for Apple machines. I'd like a little background before
I pursue it.

My wife has an Apple G3 iBook, which currently has Yellow Dog 3.0 and OSX,
and which I play troubleshooter for. We both detest the Apple interface,
and have only ever used it for a dialup connection at her  mother's. (The
ISP there  supports Apple but not linux, and I last time I tried, I
couldn't manage to hack a linux connection even when I had the OSX one up
and running.)

I tried, most of a year ago, to upgrade the iBook with yum to 3.0.1, and
got caught behind a learning curve steeper than I had time, moving into a
then new house, to traverse. I've thought of getting 3.0.1, or whatever
may be out by now, on CDs, and just doing a fresh install. But maybe I
don't need to.

Surely someone here has experience, or knows where to look: if I install
Fedora instead (FC1 -- I'm far too sub-technoid to tackle FC2 till FC3
comes out) is it a straightforward install? Do I have to get special CDs?
(I have the ones  from both Petreley's and Ball&Duff's books, plus the DVD
from B&D -- dunno if the apple (bought summer 2003 from terrasoft) can
read DVDs, though.)

Does it matter whether I try to preserve either current OS? I'd actually
prefer to wipe OSX, and take my chances with the ISP in the Great Smokies

Beartooth Implacable, curmudgeonly codger learning linux

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