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Re: Slashdotted - XP dual boot issue

I guess I'm just lucky, I have been dual booting Windos XpPand RH 8.0 FC-1 FC-2 and FC- X86_64 using first LILO and now GRUB.  At this time I have a triple boot system using grub to boot FC-2 X86_64 and XP-32, and the beta XP-64 . I have not run across the problems that others are reporting.  I have XP32 on my sda disk, FC-2 one the sdb disk and XP-64 on the sdc disk with Grub loaded to sda1 mbr partition. I installed XT-32 first and then FC-2. XP-64 is booted by first booting XP-32 which gives me a second boot screen with  XP-32 and XP-64 as choices.  Just an aside XP-64 is just about unusable in its beta form.  It loads drivers for my ATI900 PRO but not Sound Blaster live 5.1, no printers are supported, in fact very little is supported other than graphics boards. MS suggests that you tell the board and printer Manufacturers to get on the stick.  With the exception of Nautilus crashing every time you start it and that you can"t set Gnome Screen preferences because that also crashes every time I start it, I just use KDE instead, I really like the X86_64 I just wish the 32 bit libs were loaded when its installed so that I could use a couple of programs that run fine on FC-2 but not FC-2 X86_64.


rory childwelfare ca wrote:

Message: 14
Date: Sun, 23 May 2004 14:34:18 -0400
And, I guess we'll get to read about how it's an
MS problem and how newbies and Window-users shouldn't be using
Fedora if they want to migrate to Linux and only have themselves
to blame if they encounter this problem.
Not true. They bought Windows, right? Call tech-support. Demand
correction of bug.

Or... much better, ignore them entirely... or give them a call:

Hi, just to say: one less Windows user...

Humm, bad attitude IMO.  OTOH, its a well known fact that a windows 
install will trash any linux installed mbr things and has been doing 
it for years.  On purpose we think...

It's more than just a bad attitude.  It's a defeatist attitude.  

What an easy world for a monopolist it would be if every time they put
up an obstacle, their opponents said, "We're not going to try to
overcome that obstacle.  They put it up, so they should take it down."  

And telling a monopolist that they just lost a customer doesn't shake
them like a normal corporation because they don't abide by market forces
or fair competition.  

Our *responsibility* in the face of monopolistic tactics like this is to
build workarounds and fixes.  Fortunately, I'm guessing that Redhat
people working of this might feel similarly.  If nothing else, I'm sure
they're not sitting around waiting for MS to fix the bug, as this user

MS created the problem, but it's up to us to find the solution. 
Mandrake did have a similar problem with 10.0 CE that didn't take my
system down, so I was lucky, but they fixed it. This isn't a
Fedora-specific issue.  And possibly this is a kernel issue.  But it
doesn't matter if, at its root, this is MS's creation - it's the Linux
community's problem now to fix.  

Or, we could just call MS tech support and demand a correction to the
bug... ;)

By the way, since this bug has been noted by multiple users since
February, is it in the errata?  I couldn't find it.  


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