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Re: Slashdotted - XP dual boot issue

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I've been using a dual-boot with XP and I haven't had any problems
with that. The only problem was the initial ntloader failure message
on bootup.  But once I realized I could just wait that out and go to
grub, I didn't have a problem.

David McCormick wrote:

| I guess I'm just lucky, I have been dual booting Windos XpPand RH
| 8.0 FC-1 FC-2 and FC- X86_64 using first LILO and now GRUB.  At
| this time I have a triple boot system using grub to boot FC-2
| X86_64 and XP-32, and the beta XP-64 . I have not run across the
| problems that others are reporting.  I have XP32 on my sda disk,
| FC-2 one the sdb disk and XP-64 on the sdc disk with Grub loaded to
| sda1 mbr partition. I installed XT-32 first and then FC-2. XP-64 is
| booted by first booting XP-32 which gives me a second boot screen
| with  XP-32 and XP-64 as choices.  Just an aside XP-64 is just
| about unusable in its beta form.  It loads drivers for my ATI900
| PRO but not Sound Blaster live 5.1, no printers are supported, in
| fact very little is supported other than graphics boards. MS
| suggests that you tell the board and printer Manufacturers to get
| on the stick.  With the exception of Nautilus crashing every time
| you start it and that you can"t set Gnome Screen preferences
| because that also crashes every time I start it, I just use KDE
| instead, I really like the X86_64 I just wish the 32 bit libs were
| loaded when its installed so that I could use a couple of programs
| that run fine on FC-2 but not FC-2 X86_64.
| David
| rory childwelfare ca wrote:
|>> ------------------------------
|>> Message: 14 Date: Sun, 23 May 2004 14:34:18 -0400 And, I guess
|>> we'll get to read about how it's an MS problem and how newbies
|>> and Window-users shouldn't be using Fedora if they want to
|>> migrate to Linux and only have themselves to blame if they
|>> encounter this problem.
|>>>>> Not true. They bought Windows, right? Call tech-support.
|>>>>> Demand correction of bug.
|>>>>> Or... much better, ignore them entirely... or give them a
|>>>>> call:
|>>>>> Hi, just to say: one less Windows user...
|>>> Rui
|>> Humm, bad attitude IMO.  OTOH, its a well known fact that a
|>> windows install will trash any linux installed mbr things and
|>> has been doing it for years.  On purpose we think...
|> It's more than just a bad attitude.  It's a defeatist attitude.
|> What an easy world for a monopolist it would be if every time
|> they put up an obstacle, their opponents said, "We're not going
|> to try to overcome that obstacle.  They put it up, so they should
|> take it down."
|> And telling a monopolist that they just lost a customer doesn't
|> shake them like a normal corporation because they don't abide by
|> market forces or fair competition.
|> Our *responsibility* in the face of monopolistic tactics like
|> this is to build workarounds and fixes.  Fortunately, I'm
|> guessing that Redhat people working of this might feel similarly.
|> If nothing else, I'm sure they're not sitting around waiting for
|> MS to fix the bug, as this user suggested.
|> MS created the problem, but it's up to us to find the solution.
|> Mandrake did have a similar problem with 10.0 CE that didn't take
|> my system down, so I was lucky, but they fixed it. This isn't a
|> Fedora-specific issue.  And possibly this is a kernel issue.  But
|> it doesn't matter if, at its root, this is MS's creation - it's
|> the Linux community's problem now to fix.
|> Or, we could just call MS tech support and demand a correction to
|> the bug... ;)
|> By the way, since this bug has been noted by multiple users since
|>  February, is it in the errata?  I couldn't find it.

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