K3b "Error while decoding audio tracks" (Solved !)

Willem-Jan van Dinter w.vandinter at chello.nl
Sun May 23 20:33:53 UTC 2004

Hi All,

To make it some educational for others with possibly the same issue,
I'll post what I did.
When I logged in the first time before I used K3b, the gnome desktop was
the default session, and in my intention to create a correct KDE
environment for K3b to work properly, I selected the KDE Desktop before
I logged in.

As I stated before, burning data-projects went well, audio-project gave
the decoding error.

Then I changed my default desktop from Gnome to KDE via 'Start ->
Settings -> Desktop Switching Tool -> KDE.
Logged out & in, restarted k3b, and the audio project burned without

With Regards, Willem-Jan van Dinter
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