FC2: Audit errors on /var/log/messages (SELinux (?) newbie)

Rami Saarinen rs55862 at yahoo.com
Sun May 23 20:58:20 UTC 2004

> A while ago I asked help for my odd xkb/mouse problems after doing FC1
> FC2 update. Now everything seems to be pretty ok, but I get a lot of 
> audit error messages. Now, I know I should try to figure it out myself, 
> but Icould use some advice about where to look to get these things fixed

> (audit is new to me, I assume it has something to do with selinux?). 
> Below is a bit of messages log created during the boot. 

> There is quite a lot of those audit avc: denied messages in the log. Any
> pointers? A good tutorial, howto or any other means to quickly get this
> fixed? 

> There were some discussion about /initrd left mounted or some such? Will
> it be the cause of this problem? I have no idea of what is going on here
> .. Is it possible to turn SELinux off or something? 

Oh, just as I had posted this message I found the "Fedora Core 2 test2
SELinux FAQ" at http://mindstorm.ath.cx:8080/fedora-docs/selinux-faq-en/

That clears out many questions, but does anyone have any good reasons why
I should have SELinux turned on? The machine is connected to the internet
just few hours a day and I have all the services off on the 

I suppose SELinux provides the ACL mechanism, but I'm not sure I need it
.. afterall it may be a bit overkill for two-user computer. ;)


Rami Saarinen

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