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Hard drive shutdown problem with FC2


I have an Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe motherboard with two hard disks attached: an
SATA Maxtor 120GB 120M0, and an IDE Samsung 30GB SV302H. I have installed
Fedora Core 2 on the larger drive.

Everything boots fine. The system works perfectly. However, when I reboot
the machine, Fedora seems to be shutting down the hard drives in such a way
as to make the IDE detection on the next next boot of the machine very slow.
The BIOS takes a while to detect the IDE devices, and I can hear the smaller
(IDE) hard drive begin spinning again. When it comes to detecting the SATA
hard disk, this takes even longer. Eventually, the drives are deemed ready
and the OS boots as normal. Fedora starts up without any problems and I can
use the machine again.

I don't think this is a SATA problem as there is a definite slow down in the
detection of the IDE devices (two CD drives and the 30GB hard drive), as
well as the SATA drive.

This problem doesn't occur when rebooting from Windows (this is a dual-boot

Has something in the shutdown sequence changed with Fedora Core 2? Does it
shutdown the hard disks in a more "severe" way than FC1? Is there an option
I can specify so that the IDE detection runs at "normal speed" on reboot?

Thanks in advance

Rich Fearn

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