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Re: bootdisk.img for fc2

On Sun, May 23, 2004 at 09:56:50PM +0200, Olaf Mueller wrote:
> Hi,
> where can I get a bootdisk.img file for an 1.44MB floppy disk for
> Fedora Core 2. I can't boot from my cdrom, so I have to create a
> bootable floppy disk. Fedora Core 1 has had a bootdisk.img file for
> 1.44MB floppy disks, but not so fedora core 2 does. There is only a
> diskboot.img file for VFAT filesystems and medias larger than a
> floppy.
> Where can I get this bootdisk.img file from?

You can't. The kernel is too big to allow a floppy to boot.

In the last day or so I posted a message to this list describing Smart
Boot Manager, which you can install on a floppy. You can boot to it,
which will let you boot to CD-ROM.

In future, please check the archives before posting questions; this
one has been asked (too) many times before.


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