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Fedora Core 2 Install Problem

I am having a lot of trouble with Core 2.

I put cd 1 in and it starts to boot the kernel. I have 1 SATA drive and 1 IDE drive. It hangs looking for another drive on the second SATA port. After about 1 minute the kernel continues to boot. I go through the install erased my Suse 9.0 partitions and created my fedora core 2 partitions and the proceeded with the install I did a full installation. After the reboot, GRUB listed two OS’s Windows XP and Fedora core 2. I selected windows. GRUB displayed its boot commands and windows wouldn’t boot at all. Then I tried fedora core 2, It starts to boot the kernel and freezes. It doesn’t get to the hardware detection phase. The last line I see is initializing. After this I reinstalled Suse 9.0 and I was able to get into both my windows and suse os’s.


Any Ideas. I had no trouble with fedora core 1 on this exact system.


Any help is appreciated

Kenneth Savoy


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