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Re: Slashdotted - XP dual boot issue

Pedro Fernandes Macedo wrote:

On Sun, 2004-05-23 at 19:12, Rui Miguel Seabra wrote:
No. Silly is crying like a baby because FC corrects a malformed
partition table... and Windows borks down.

No. It doesnt correct the partition table. It borks the partition table.
And that's the problem. Read below for more explanations...

Windows isn't the answer. Windows is the question.
The answer is no! :)

If you want to make a serious case study, you'll see your statement only
makes sense for a very small minority.

Ok , but this small minority is a great part inside the minority that
uses linux....

I still say: complain to Microsoft, they're the only one who can help
you. And we can try to move on with the schedule, and hopefully find a
way to work around Microsoft, once again.

Please read the bug report again. This is not related to windows
destroying the partition table , but linux doing this.. I experienced this bug. Here's a brief history on what happened here and
you'll see that windows is not the problem here:
1 - installed core 1 (using anaconda to create the partitions) , then
windows and then recovered grub (at this point , everything works
2 - installed core 2 (final or test3) on the *existing partitions
created by core 1* and windows doesnt boot anymore.
So , add the facts and it shows you that it doesnt "corrects a malformed
partition table" like you said. It changed the partition tables , even
when it shouldnt! The geometry was right , all the partition types were
right , so why it changed anything?

It did not necessarily change anything.

Many people have reported success in recovering from this problem by changing the bios to specify LBA instead of the default AUTO for the drive in question.

Pedro Macedo

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