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Re: Q2 - Why has XCDRoast been rmoved from Package installation list?

ralston wrote:

thread-hijacker  :-)
"sort your messages by threads"

new thread = new mail and no_reply

Sorry, but since joining this list my xcdroast message was the only xcdroast message there was, so in terms of what is on my collection of list threads, mine was the first. Can't be blamed for not knowing every message that was ever submitted. An answer to accompany this "thread hijacker tutorial" would have been nice, though the tutorial itself was quite handy. :-)

OK, I looked through the archives and see where my message is posted - in the middle of another thread. So, maybe that is what the "thread-hijacker" post was all about. Don't know how my message ended up there, though. Certainly didn't want it to be tacked to some other thread. Hmmm....


This usually happens by doing a reply to another message, then blamkng out the subject and text and starting with your own. This is called hijacking of the thread since it is still tied to the original thread by headers in the message.

Please start all new threads by composing a new message.

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