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Re: Slashdotted - XP dual boot issue

> In defense of those whose attitudes seem bad to some,  It is very tiring
> and frustrating to see the same question asked and answered repeatedly,
> sometimes several times a week.  Compare this list to a school.  Does
> the teacher answer every question?  NO, they guide the student to
> finding the answer.  This is what we should be doing, NOT providing
> *all* the answers for no effort from the one who asks.


I can totally understand where everyone is coming from.  Maybe there needs
to be more than one list.  One for newbies for basic questions, and one for
users who have dealt with Linux enough to the point where their questions
can't be answered as easily.  Also,  why doesn't someone put up a basic how
to, that shows people how to better find what they are looking for in the

As far as getting tired of answering the same questions.  If you feel that
answering the question is going to anger you, delete the email :)


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